Heal-BERG skyscraper in California

Heal-Berg skyscraper is born from an idea by designers Luca Beltrame and Saba Nabavi Tafreshi from the University of California.

The project was awarded with an honorary mention at the 2017 Evolo Skyscraper Competition, and represents the futuristic skyscraper of health with the forms of an iceberg, spatial, aseptic and minimalist, but with a green and multi faceted core.

It has been thought of as a floating eco-skyscraper able to purify and heal the environment, and reverse the effects of climate change.

In fact, the skyscraper breathes the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and exhales oxygen, thanks to a new laser technology that triggers a process that breaks down the carbon dioxide molecules and obtains oxygen atoms.

The second aspect that focuses on the structure philosophy is the production of energy through the exploitation of different salinity and wind streams that are channeled into turbines thanks to the aerodynamic profiles of the building.

Therefore, renewable technologies make the self sufficient skyscraper on the energy front.

«The vision for Heal-Berg – as stated in the presentation of the project – is to create independent (in terms of energy and mobility) complexes designed to stop, heal and reverse the climate change process and its impact on Land.

We went on a mission to gather some of the latest technological innovations from all over the world and combine them together as elements of a larger inclusion that work together to achieve a goal, survival».

Projects like this show how awareness of work is being done and how initiatives aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of people in cities come from different countries, with effective solutions and surprising visual impact.

“The coolest futuristic skyscrapers that will (probably) never be built”, document available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk.

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