Computational design for Architecture

Bioclimatic architecture design solutions are implemented more efficiently through digital technology, such as computational design, also called parametric modeling. We already know that bioclimatic architecture solutions are inspired by the knowledge of the functioning mechanisms of organisms found in nature. The aim is to imitate their behavior and exploit their potential applied to architectural creations and projects, to allow us to imagine technologically advanced solutions, strategies and tools to solve the major problems of comfort of buildings, their functionality and air conditioning according to the need for energy saving and reduction of environmental impact. Leggi tutto “Computational design for Architecture”

Here are the causes of SBS – Sick Building Syndrome

Usually, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), indicates those buildings where people spend most of their time, such as offices, schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, houses. In Architecture, the terms “indoor environment” refer, in fact, to confined living environments and non-industrial workplaces. Sick building syndrome indicates a well-defined symptomatological situation that involves the occupants of mainly new, modern or recently renovated buildings that are equipped with insufficient or unhealthy mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems. Leggi tutto “Here are the causes of SBS – Sick Building Syndrome”

Heal-BERG skyscraper in California

Heal-Berg skyscraper is born from an idea by designers Luca Beltrame and Saba Nabavi Tafreshi from the University of California.

The project was awarded with an honorary mention at the 2017 Evolo Skyscraper Competition, and represents the futuristic skyscraper of health with the forms of an iceberg, spatial, aseptic and minimalist, but with a green and multi faceted core.

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Vertical forest in Milan

To create a new environmental and social balance, it is hoped that many cities will be converted into green cities in the near future, with a decisive impact on pollution levels. The vertical forest is a model for sustainable residential building, a form of metropolitan reforestation that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity, without implying the expansion of cities.

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Meteorosensitive Architecture and innovative building materials. Hygroskin and Hygroscope

There are now numerous national and international researches that investigate technological strategies that are based and follow biological rather than mechanical principles. Nature suggests to the world of architectural design, technological strategies with minimal environmental impact, which are realized thanks to the innovation of sustainable architecture and to meteorosensitive architecture projects. These are obtained thanks to the application of  smart building materials.
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Building Regulations for Energy Efficiency

Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). The Passive House

By 2021, all new buildings or buildings that are undergoing a major first-level renovation must have near-zero energy needs (Near zero energy building, NZEB).For new public buildings, including schools, the deadline is advanced to 2019. These types of buildings are certified by systems such as CasaClima, PassivHaus and Leed. Leggi tutto “Building Regulations for Energy Efficiency”

Environmental sustainability of buildings and materials used in architecture

The environmental sustainability of a building is conditioned by the materials with which it is built. The concept might seem simple but, in architecture, the materials used for building involve the building. Reflecting on this, which seems trivial, is instead the key to solving many problems of environmental sustainability of buildings. Leggi tutto “Environmental sustainability of buildings and materials used in architecture”

The Bionic Building in the Mediterranean climate. The Musical Seine of Paris

We have already had the opportunity to describe an example of bionic building and to explain what a bionic building is, intended as an evolved building. Bionic designers use two different approaches to elaborate their projects.

  • With the first approach, the designer imitates the external appearance of natural forms, thus obtaining buildings that reflect the beauty of nature and the environment surrounding it;
  • With the second approach, the designer works looking at the structure, the external and internal relations present in nature and the proportions of its components. This means that the relationships found in nature are simulated and implemented, in relation to the creative and structural phases.

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